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Healing Rain was voted

YA Book of the Year by

Christian Small Publishers'


Thank you to all who voted!

Guardian received the Gold Literary Classics International Book Award for preteen fiction! 

"The attention to details of this new planet and the unexpected love between Jady and Noah had me captivated from the very beginning. I am looking forward to seeing more of what this author has to offer!"

Amazon Reviewer on THE VISITORS

"The journey that Jack takes from the start to the finish is an incredible story. The different reactions that come from his former victims as he tries to change his life are so true to life. And then we have the glimpse into Jack's life that really pushed him into becoming a bully. This was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading."

"This book was hard to put down even though it is geared towards middle school children. The relationship between Kinsey and her medical alert dog, Drake, is fascinating. It also deals with the typical middle school drama."



Amazon Reviewer on GUARDIAN

"This story had me on the edge of my seat and I didn't want it to end."



Amazon Reviewer on GUARDIAN


"I did not know this was YA until I started reading. Too late -- by that time I was engrossed in Rain's problems. Naas has created a real-life situation with real-life characters. I was cheering for Rain to find her way back to her life and her connection with God and was not disappointed. Even if you are way past Young Adult as I am, you will still enjoy this story."

Amazon Reviewer on HEALING RAIN

"This is one of the best books I have read...I was crying throughout the reading."



Amazon Reviewer on HEALING RAIN

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